Mark Your Online Existence

Your online presence is important for your personal branding, and that’s what we at American Publishers tend to offer our clients with our exceptional author website creations.

Book Need Us
Research For Your eBook

Thorough research is tailored to your eBook's topic, ensuring accuracy and depth in content development.

Ghost Writing Of The Chapters

Professional Ghostwriters craft engaging chapters, bringing your ideas to life with skillful storytelling.

Editing & Formatting

Editing & Formatting: Expert editing polishes your manuscript, ensuring clarity, coherence, and adherence to formatting standards.

eBook Cover Designing

Creative designs that capture your eBook's essence, enticing readers with visually appealing covers.

eBook Publishing

Seamless publication process, guiding your eBook from manuscript to print or digital formats with professionalism.

What sets us apart?
  • Tremendous Proofreading

    At American Publishers, we honor our clients’ trust and cater to their requirements. Our proofreading services will ensure your content is error-free, which ranks it higher on the search engine, thus gaining more customer attraction.

  • Timely Delivery

    We became one of the leading companies in this field due to our instant delivery and high-quality content in store for our clients. We not only deal with a single client at a time but also stay in collaboration with them throughout the process.

  • Customer Satisfaction Rate

    Our customers are left satisfied after taking advantage of our services. Our team is highly skilled and trained in dealing with clients' needs and providing satisfaction, which helps us maintain our satisfactory rate in the market of eBook writing service providers.

  • Services For Every Age Group

    One of the primary reasons we are at the top of the market is because we provide services in various categories of the genre, especially children's eBook publishing. We don’t hesitate to publish the ideas of our youth.

  • Our Journey

    Our journey is inspiring, as it took us several obstacles to cross before reaching a point where we are considered the leading eBook publishing companies in the world.

  • Team Management

    With a team of several employees with expert-level skills in various genres of ghostwriting, we surely know how to manage them and provide excellent content for our customers


  • What is an author website, and why do I need one?

    An author website is an online platform where authors can showcase their work, connect with readers, and promote their eBooks. It serves as a central hub for all information related to the author, including eBook releases, events, blog posts, and contact details. Having a website enhances your online presence and professionalism as an author.

  • What should I include on my author’s website?

    Your author website should include essential elements such as an about page with your bio and photo, a page listing your ebooks with synopses and purchase links, a blog or news section for updates and announcements, a contact page, and links to your social media profiles.

  • Do I need to have technical skills to create and manage my author website?

    No, you don't need technical skills to create and manage your author website. Many website builders offer user-friendly platforms with drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-designed templates that make it easy to build and maintain your site without coding knowledge.

  • Can I sell my eBooks directly from my author’s website?

    Yes, you can sell your eBooks directly from your author’s website by integrating an e-commerce platform or linking to online retailers where your eBooks are available for purchase. Providing a convenient way for readers to buy your eBooks can increase sales and engagement.

  • How can I drive traffic to my author’s website?

    You can drive traffic to your author website through various methods, including promoting it on social media, optimizing it for search engines (SEO), guest blogging on other websites, participating in author interviews or podcasts, and engaging with your audience through email newsletters and eBook giveaways.


Working with American Publishers has been a game-changer for me. Their attention to detail and support throughout the publishing process was exceptional. As a debut author, I felt valued and respected every step of the way.

- Emily Johnson -

I've had the pleasure of publishing multiple eBooks with American Publishers, and each experience has exceeded my expectations. Their team is professional, responsive, and dedicated to helping authors succeed. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a publishing partner.

- Michael Smith -

From manuscript submission to eBook launch, American Publishers provided invaluable guidance and support. Their editorial team helped polish my manuscript to perfection, and their marketing efforts helped boost my eBook's visibility. I'm grateful for their expertise and partnership.

- Sarah Adams -

Choosing American Publishers was the best decision I made for my eBook. Their personalized approach and commitment to excellence set them apart in the industry. Thanks to their expertise, my eBook reached a wider audience than I ever imagined possible.

- John Davis -